Life and Adventures with Kids


Epic Road Trip. Day 7.

We started our last day in Rocky Mountain National Park by being ‘those people”. My husband was slightly embarrassed and my kids were annoyed but we did manage to get one semi decent iconic photo with the park sign. Our plan for the day was […]

Epic Road Trip. Day 6.

Well today was as close to perfect as it gets when traveling with small children. Somedays it all goes to crap, but then you have those days when the sun is shining and you are just living your best life. Today was a good one. […]

Epic Road Trip. Day 4.

We finally made it to the mountains! I can’t even tell you. Finally. We only spent 4 hours in the car today, and it was broken up in small chunks here and there. It was practically luxurious. When I told Liv that we didn’t have […]

Epic Road Trip. Day 2 & 3

Driving. Driving for miles. We’ve covered approx 1200 miles so far. Driving hasn’t been too bad, I’m just done with it at this point. That’s fine because we are just outside of Denver and tomorrow should actually be less driving and more exploring. Praise be. […]