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Epic Road Trip. Day 10.

Our first morning here in Colter Bay was a bit a gloomy, but we managed to find a little adventure anyways. It was our first full day in the Tetons, so we relaxed and wandered the trails around our cabin area. We played in the […]

Epic Road Trip. Day 4.

We finally made it to the mountains! I can’t even tell you. Finally. We only spent 4 hours in the car today, and it was broken up in small chunks here and there. It was practically luxurious. When I told Liv that we didn’t have […]

South Bass Island & turning 30

South Bass Island & turning 30

I turned 30 on Friday! And honestly this has been one of my best birthdays in a long while. On my birthday last year I got some pretty bummer news about my knee AND returned home for my birthday dinner to find Abby and the […]