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The first snow of winter. FML.

The first snow of winter. FML.

Well. It’s Winter. Are you freaking kidding me with this snow. I mean. I love the snow in theory, and I have no problem bundling up and heading outside. I actually kind of love the way everything looks more magical after it snows.

But getting two kids ready to go outside in the snow is going to make me lose my freaking mind. It’s a three ring circus and all the participants are blind and deaf.

Why are you putting on a green raincoat while running through the office when I asked you 17 times to bring me your blue fleece???? These things are not even close and also that raincoat is your sisters and you know it. I know you know this because I was present for the epic meltdown when I accidentally put it on you just three days ago.

Also. How do their limbs become melted jello the second you need to them to provide just the smallest amount of resistance as you shove snow boots over chunky socks. Simple instructions such as push your arm into your coat sleeve become so complicated that by the time it’s over everyone is either crying, sweating, or swearing.

When I became a mother I was unprepared for this.


Don’t even get me started on the dog. Her participation in this whole event is both eager and unwelcome. I would like to endure this ordeal without a wet nose in my face every two seconds, thank you very much. Also. She steals all the gloves and runs away. So I chase her and then the kids run away and then I’m just yelling at everyone. WE WILL MAKE MEMORIES DAMN IT.


But the first snow of the year is pretty magical. So we carry on. Good thing it took so long to get ready it was dark outside. Good thing Abby demanded to go inside after 20 minutes. Yep. Magical snow.

Winter Christmas Tree
This is not our tree, it is our neighbors. They are better than us at pretty much all things curb appeal.


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