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Thanksgiving is coming. Everybody panic.

Thanksgiving is coming. Everybody panic.

We are hosting Thanksgiving in 2 days, so clearly it’s time to clean like a crazy woman and also start a random unrelated and unnecessary home project. Timely office reorganization anyone?

I put off any sort of preliminary preparation because we had a full weekend here. The weekend was full of old friends and lots of staying up late enjoying those old friends. By Sunday I thought I would fall asleep standing up. Thank goodness for Octonauts because the kids were basically parenting themselves.

Weekend before Thanksgiving wedding
Pulling off red lipstick for the first time in my life.
Weekend before Thanksgiving wedding
This birthday celebration included Chipotle salsa so clearly that’s a big life win.
Weekend before Thanksgiving wedding
Impromptu wedding after party. I didn’t even clean and I invited all these people over. Old friends don’t care though!

Because Jake and I were so busy this weekend, we did not see much of the girls. They spent a lot of time with both sets of grandparents, so I don’t think they even missed us. That’s good… I think.

Yesterday morning I woke up ready to tackle the day, and feeling slightly sheepish that Sunday was such a lazy day. I was pretty gung ho about some quality mother daughter bonding time as well. After nap time we headed out to Ikea to grab a couple things. We only ended up buying a pair of scissors and cinnamon rolls. Also those carts. It’s like trying to walk in a straight line while standing on ice and your limbs are jello. Anyone else?

So after the epic cart struggle of 2017 we rolled up to a neighborhood park we hadn’t hit yet. Gotta keep adding to the year of adventure, yo. It took us 20 minutes to drive there (including time to stop for coffee, no regrets), and another 10 minutes to don all appropriate cold weather gear and subsequently complain that mittens are too round (wtf). It only took 3 minutes for Abby to squat down on the stairs of the playground and pee. With force.

She was wearing rain boots. They were full. I love my life.

So I take her back to the van to change clothes, but what the heck with the boots? I mean, I can’t exactly just dump them out and put them back on her. I seriously considered it, but even I have my limits. Hope you kids enjoyed your 3 minute journey to the park!

Adventures in Parenting and Potty Training
Please note Abby’s bare feet. Time to bail.

Back to Thanksgiving though. I realized this morning that I really am not on top of things this year. I have so many baseboards to clean! In all honesty I love hosting events and holidays, I actually enjoy having the family over and cooking and all that jazz. Also, hosting basically forces me to deal with all the miscellaneous cleaning that I put off because it’s not something I care about on a daily basis. Obviously if I was a better housekeeper this would be less of an issue.

I also just go crazy when company cleaning, which I know is ridiculous but I can’t help it. I should just pull out the card table, run the vacuum and call it a day. Instead I find myself wiping down the insides of my kitchen cabinets¬†underneath¬†the slideouts. Why? What possess me? I have also cleaned the stair banisters and reorganized the TV stand drawers. I am my own worst enemy but that shit is sparkling, so whatever.

In the midst of all my weird cleaning today, the kids are keenly aware that I am not as observant as usual. They have taken of advantage of this in many ways, including Abby returning to me an empty Costco sized container of animal crackers from her bedroom. I also found Abby happily sitting at my desk coloring in my planner. Olivia, under the guise of being “helpful” has been bossing Abby around something fierce as well.

And then we get to bed time. They are sneaking out of their rooms to go play with each other, and read, and chat and basically do everything under the sun except sleep. And just when I’m ready to storm up the stairs and lay the hammer down:

Adventures in Parenting and Potty Training
Angels. They are perfect sweet angels. Don’t believe anything I say about them ever.

Sigh. I guess since they are asleep in Abby’s room now would be a great time to do some unnecessary cleaning under Olivia’s bed!


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