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Epic Road Trip. Day 15. Odell and Beef Jerky.

Epic Road Trip. Day 15. Odell and Beef Jerky.

Day 15 was basically a crap boring day of driving. Sometimes road tripping is not glamorous or instagram worthy. Maybe it’s like a metaphor for life.

The drive from the Tetons to South Dakota took us about 9 hours. Liv was still under the weather and we had no cell service. The majority of the drive consisted of us helping Liv take care of business in sad and uncomfortable places, and endless scrolling through our limited music collections searching for a song we hadn’t listened to 18,000 times already.

I downloaded all of this music to my phone before we left, and somehow the mysterious gods of the iphone moved it all into the cloud? I have no idea how this happened but I do know that amazon music doesn’t work in a large portion our great nation. Try explaining to a four year old why we can’t listen to the Trolls soundtrack on an endless loop, it’s fun.

Notable events from day 15:

  1. Olivia having a Bridesmaids moment in the parking lot of the rest stop. “It’s HAPPENING RIGHT NOW”
  2. Discovering the cabin I booked was about 10x smaller than the pictures represented. Realizing that 7 people would be living in a legit tiny house for four days. Our “bedroom” ceiling was only 4ft tall and the “bed” was two foam mattress on the floor.
  3. Nearly making beef jerky on the hood of Odell. She would not have come out ahead.

So we were on hour 8ish, driving through Black Hills National Forest. I don’t know the actual reason this forest was so named, but it felt pretty accurate because even with my brights on it was pitch black out there. The roads are curvy and you really can’t see much around the bend, even in the day. ┬áSo I’m driving along, pretty freaking sick of the car at this point, and I see a shadow in the road ahead. Not even a shadow really but I was pretty on edge so I slam on the brakes. I was expecting to be apologizing to Jake for overreacting and throwing him through the windshield but NOPE. Maybe 10ft in front of the van is a FREAKING HERD OF COWS. Several full grown adults and 2 calves. You guys. My heart.

Had to pull over and wait for these jerks to mosey away.

So I pull over and put on my hazards and we just have to sit there and wait for these cows to cross the road. I mean. I’m still upset about this development.

So that was the thrilling recap of day 15. Day 16 was more interesting, I promise.


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