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Epic Road Trip. Day 10.

Our first morning here in Colter Bay was a bit a gloomy, but we managed to find a little adventure anyways.


It was our first full day in the Tetons, so we relaxed and wandered the trails around our cabin area. We played in the ice cold water and lucky Liv got leaches or worms? Stuck to her hands. Jake played it pretty cool with Olivia but internally I’m sure he was on the verge of hysterics.


Leech discovery underway


Even when we go on little quiet walks here the experience is whoa. We were walking back down this little trail and all of the sudden we look up and see a huge bald eagle perched on top a tree.


Everyone headed over to the observation deck at Jackson Lake Lodge for lunch. It’s not slacking in the ambiance department that’s for sure. Well, ok, everyone except Dad because he was unconscious in the cabin. Naps are epic this trip. Abby slept through lunch in the carrier. Let me tell you something: snuggling a baby while eating lunch in front of mountain views is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

Jackson Lake
The calm before the storm.
It’s going south.

Monday afternoon we had a boat trip booked around Jackson Lake. My mom really wanted to do this, and expectations were high. Perhaps too high. Would calling it the boat trip from hell be an exaggeration? Nope. That description might actually undersell the level of suck that occurred on this boat. I knew it would be dicey the second I saw the boat. It was small and completely enclosed. The photo on the website did not match is all I’m saying.

She hates everything

The views were amazing, but both girls had a complete and total meltdown in the small small cabin of this boat. And they only wanted me. There are 5 other capable adults in our party, including their very own father but NOPE. They really just wanted to scream at me. I’m living the dream people.

One minute break in the tears

Olivia eventually calmed down enough to sit in the boat with Jake and my dad, but Abby screamed for the entire two hours. I mean, at one point I think I just was having an out of body experience. The views were pretty good though.


By dinner time I was ready for grown up grape juice. We packed up the camp stove and headed down to the picnic area by the beach to cook some spaghetti. The spaghetti was delicious and only tainted by a small amount of rain. It was probably a bit too cold for a picnic but it was stunning there so I convinced everyone it was part of the adventure? There’s a chance my family was seriously regretting some of their life choices leading to that moment.


BUT we did have a great dinner and some good family time. Family adventure picnic for the win.


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