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Epic Road Trip. Day 6.

Well today was as close to perfect as it gets when traveling with small children. Somedays it all goes to crap, but then you have those days when the sun is shining and you are just living your best life. Today was a good one.


We were a little worried about the weather today so we opted to drive the Trail Ridge Road and just see how far we got. Holy views. We stopped as much as possible on the way up, just in case the weather was bad later. That turned out to be such a good decision. Honestly it’s not often that we take a gamble like that and end up high fiving ourselves later.

Obsessed with this girl and her love for adventure
That is my baby up there. And I didn’t even kill the fun.

Our first stop was a little scenic viewpoint and small trail. There was some rock climbing available and I pulled out all my chill when Jake and Olivia wanted to climb. I did not freak out about it once today. Not even once. Jake was confused but I like when I can throw him off his game. Gotta keep things fresh ya know?


Rocky Mountain National Park
The park service is just killing it

We got lucky and happened to stop at the Junior Ranger Headquarters right as they were starting one of their ranger led programs. The talk was about fire safety and the park firefighters. All the kids got to use the firehose, and it was huge hit with Olivia.

Rainbow Curve Overlook
The view is ridiculous
Even the kids were impressed

We pulled over at Rainbow Curve Overlook, and it was perfect. Completely perfect. The views were stunning, but that wasn’t even the best part. There were friendly chipmunks!!!! We stopped and sat for about 20 minutes, and the whole time they were running up to us and climbing on us. I seriously have never heard Abby laugh that hard or for that long in my life. It was straight out of a disney movie. I kept looking around for prince charming to come sweep me off my feet.



How is this even a real thing?

Even Jake loved it
So. Amazing.

The girls were so happy, words cannot even.

We probably could have hung out with those chipmunks all day but we still wanted to make it to the higher into the park.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Obviously I’m very much in love with this

So this picture is steal my heart stunning, but to be completely real with you, Olivia was totally melting down at this moment. The ground was very rocky and it was super easy to trip, and when we got out of the car she took off running. I did my mom duty and yelled NO RUNNING but she ignored me. She ate dirt about 30 seconds later and was inconsolable. Jake looks very peaceful in this photo but I don’t think the screaming in his ear added to the vibe of the mountain.

Shortly after this photo was taken both girls passed out in their car seats. We ended up pulling over at a viewpoint and eating lunch next to the car with the best lunch view I’ve ever had.


We eventually made it to the Alpine Visitors Center, which is the highest visitors center in the NPS. Because the kids were still asleep, we both did the trail to the “top” individually while the other waited with the kids. Make it work people. Also. We took matching selfies because we are meant for each other.



It was pretty amazing there, and I definitely wasn’t the only one taking a ridiculous number of selfies.


We made our way down through the mountains eventually, and as we did all the clouds started rolling in. All the previously amazing views were now basically gone, replaced by a wall of white. That was cool to see too, but we were patting ourselves on the back for stopping when we did.

On the way down we stopped at the Alluvial Fan, after some confusion about what that actually was. It was a giant boulder filled playground for the kids and an epic mountain river for Jake. These are a few of their favorite things.

Rock Climber in training
Better at climbing than me


Shockingly, no one fell into the water. Also, the kids listened to us the entire time we were there. Miracles. The fact that they were still going strong at this point was mind blowing because it was already close to 5pm and we had been dragging them around the mountains all day.

Building a dam
Everyone is still happy!
Love this kid

When the sky starting really looking ominous we decided to head back the cabin and cook some dinner. Even though it sprinkled a little, the rain held out long enough for me to cook up a quick dinner, and for the kids to quickly reject that dinner.

Today was as close to perfect as it gets. Surely we can’t get this lucky two days in row? Being too optimistic feels like tempting fate, but what the hell! Clear skies and great hiking predicted for the morning (in my mind, which has lied before).

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