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Epic Road Trip. Day 5.

Jake is here! I am so happy to have some adult conversation again! The girls are pretty excited as well. We woke up super early to pick up Jake, his flight landed at 7:15am. The drive was so beautiful with the sun coming up through the mountains, and we saw several Elk by the road.

We stopped in Boulder for the morning to check out the Flat Irons and Chautauqua Park. The kids were really into the playground here, although they were a bit less enthused about our hike. Go figure.


We managed to convince them to do a little bit of the trail for us. Abby was just kinda pissed about the whole experience, but Olivia eventually rallied when she started hunting for dino fossils. We spend A LOT of time hunting for fossils. Olivia has a very complicated system for determining whether it’s a fossil or a rock. She wants me to weigh in on each one, but somehow I always end up being wrong.

Flat Irons
Hardcore fossil hunting

We eventually took the scenic highway back to Estes Park. We hoped the kids would fall asleep but of course they didn’t. They were sooooo tired when we were trying to go for a small hike but suddenly the minivan gave me some super powers or something. We found a scenic river to stop next to, and Jake got to climb a rock. His 12 year old boy heart was very happy.


By the time we made it back to our cabin, the weather had started to turn gloomy. Options were 1. stay cramped in a tiny cabin with two rambunctious kids or 2.go hike in the rain. Obviously we chose hiking in the rain. It seemed less stressful. We had to park and ride a shuttle out to Bear Lake, and omg the kids were so.excited. Like, who cares about being in such an amazing natural environment, the bus is where it’s at.

Bear Lake
Beginning of the hike – still happy children

So the hike was short, but very soggy. And it got chilly fast. But overall the kids did well and it was a very pretty hike, even with the rain.




The girls were pretty cold and done after this, so we headed back the cabin. Even though everyone claimed they weren’t tired, everyone was asleep by 8:30pm. Except momma. I still had to get the laundry. It was a long day but the girls did great!

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