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Epic Road Trip. Day 4.

We finally made it to the mountains! I can’t even tell you. Finally. We only spent 4 hours in the car today, and it was broken up in small chunks here and there. It was practically luxurious. When I told Liv that we didn’t have much driving today she literally was jumping up and down, internally I was too.

I was pretty proud of my solo mama travel skills today. The tires needed air and I was all, I am woman, hear me roar. Also I happened to notice the alert light while literally right next to an auto shop. It was basically straight out of a movie set, authentic, greasy, auto shop in the middle of nowhere. But the guys were super nice and I had air in my tires in 5 minutes.

Traveling by myself with the kids is more of a logistical challenge than anything else. I’ve never felt unsafe or anything, just short of hands. I have found over and over again that most people in the world are helpful and friendly. I’ve travelled my fair share now, and honestly it still amazes me how kind people can be. This entire trip I’ve had such good interactions with strangers who help hold doors, fill up my tires for free, unlock pools etc. I hope I’m teaching my children in some small way how to put good out into the world, and appreciate it when it’s offered to you.

Red Rocks
Catalog Models

Tire crisis averted we headed west on 70 and I anxiously awaited anything resembling an elevation change. And then there were the mountains! All worth it! Our first stop was Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Everything is just so beautiful. I feel like I keep going oh look at that kids, look over there, wait over there! And they are like ok mom. But they did like this place, although mainly they enjoyed jumping down all the stairs. The coming up the stairs part was not their favorite but whatevs I warned them.

Expert Jumping Skills
Abby just wants to keep up


After they indulged me at Red Rocks it was time for the most anticipated event of the our big adventure. Dinosaur Fossils. There is a small center right next to Red Rocks that has dinosaur fossils and a small hike where you can see and touch actual fossils and bones in the rocks. Olivia has been looking forward to this for weeks.

Dino Ridge
So Excited!

Olivia got to touch real dinosaur bones in the rock, and she could not have been happier. She was such a trooper today, even though she is pretty sick.

When the girls were ready for naps we drove up into Estes Park and checked into our cabin. When we got here today it was raining, and the cabin is pretty *cozy* and I was really starting to get nervous. We puttered around Estes Park and hit up a couple visitors centers, one in town and one in Rocky Mountain National Park. Both were kinda meh. And the clouds were covering all the good views, and the kids weren’t feeling it. Internally I was panicking a little bit. I’m still not sure how much we are going to accomplish if the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Rolling into dinner time didn’t inspire much confidence. We hit up the grocery store, and Liv was literally curled into the fetal position in the cart nearly in tears because she felt so bad. She kept begging to go straight to bed, and as soon we got back she did. She legit fell asleep at 6pm. So me and Abby cooked dinner outside and ate macaroni straight from the pan, because #camping.

She is just eating a bun for dinner. I give up

A funny thing happened though. Abby started quietly playing on her own, and it stopped raining, and I just sat there and enjoyed the view, and all of sudden it seemed much less stressful. Honestly camping in this cabin with no kitchen or bathroom could be a total disaster, but it could also be a really great experience. Probably both. I seriously hope I don’t get eaten by a bear on a midnight bathroom break. Praying.

In other news, I was just laying here writing this blog and internally freaking out about how cold this cabin was getting. I started running through all these worst case scenarios about Abby not keeping blankets on and her little toes freezing off while we slept. And then after all that panic I remembered this cabin has heat, I just never turned it. I’m good at this.


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