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Epic Road Trip. Day 2 & 3

Driving. Driving for miles. We’ve covered approx 1200 miles so far. Driving hasn’t been too bad, I’m just done with it at this point. That’s fine because we are just outside of Denver and tomorrow should actually be less driving and more exploring. Praise be.

Day 2 we headed out of St. Louis and drove to Salina, KS. The gently rolling grasslands full of cattle were surprisingly beautiful. I did not expect to enjoy the scenery on this portion of the trip very much, so I was kind of blown away. I mean, I will admit that I get overly into the scenery most new places we go. I spent the entire 12 hour bus ride on the park road in Denali with my face literally plastered to the window. I just like the view. Yes I’m dork, but you gotta find something to love because Kansas literally.never.ends.

Abby really loved the cows as well, and spent much of the day today yelling ABBY COWS. Olivia spent much of the day seriously upset that Abby was claiming the cows. Guys. When I was a kid my dad would tell me and my sisters we would fight over a dog turd just to fight. Life is coming full circle now for sure.

When I was planning this trip I was sure that the first day of driving would be the best, kid behavior wise, and that it would get progressively worse as the days wore on. It’s actually turned out to be the opposite. The first day the girls were excited and hard to settle, but yesterday the drive was so quiet. Olivia is still sick, so she has slept most of the day yesterday and today. Abby has been napping pretty well too. Other than sleeping the girls have been super chill just listening to podcasts and the Moana soundtrack. Breaking News: Little Maui is having trouble with his hook.

I had all these stops researched and planned out, and we’ve done basically none of them. With Olivia so tired and worn down, I don’t want to wake her up even if we are close to one of my planned stops. When Abby is asleep you put the pedal to the metal and thank the good Lord above for your good fortune. Abby does well for a two year old, and has been pretty pleasant most of the day today, but the most random things set her off. She screamed my name for 5 straight minutes today because I wouldn’t eat her pre chewed crackers. Yum.

I tried to stop at Alma’s Cheese, as advertised heavily on many many billboards. I had not planned this beforehand, but what the heck. Adventure right? Ummm. Seriously.

So we kept going.

Inside the Library
Library Grounds

We did stop at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum yesterday, which was neat. It was way above the kids heads but they were shockingly well behaved, so we are now the proud owners of a mouse finger puppet. Bribery works people.


Today we stumbled upon a random but amazing park in the town of Burlington, CO.


Last night we stayed at a KOA in Salina, KS. The cabin we stayed in was small but charming and clean. The KOA had a playground, pool, and jumping pillow. All day Olivia had been asking if we could go swimming when we got there, but by the time we got in I was exhausted and it was chilly, so when Olivia started begging to swim I did what any sane mother would do. I lied. I told her the pool was closed because someone pooped in it. She has not stopped talking about it since. She told Jake, the check-in lady at the Denver KOA, and every single random person we’ve encountered at gas stations. I had no idea this would trouble her deep in her soul.

When we arrived this afternoon at our cabin, she was obsessed with going swimming here. Surely this pool would be open, right mom?!?!? Um. When we got here it was 65 degrees and lightly raining. But how could I dash her dreams again? For two days she’s been on her best behavior despite being sick and all she wants to do is swim. Soooo bathing suits on, here we go.


She was devastated. She was crushed, sobbing, bereft. OMG the guilt I felt in that moment. So I went to the front desk and begged them to open it. The guy who eventually opened the pool looks at me and goes, you know it’s 65 degrees and raining, right?. I was like, I need to absolve my guilt dude, stop judging me. So the girls had their own polar bear plunge and all was right in Olivia’s world again.


Hopefully tomorrow has a bit more adventure than driving, the littles might revolt if I don’t show them some dinosaur fossils soon!



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