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Epic Road Trip. Day 1.

It’s finally here! I’ve been planning our three week trek west for months and it felt so far away until just last night. It’s been far from perfect, but we’ve had fun and so far I’ve only made the kids cry a few times. It’s exactly what I expected!

Our morning started early, Liv climbed into my bed at 5:30am so excited for our big adventure. Too bad her skin was on fire. Abby just rounded the corner on some random bug that wiped her out for days and turned her into an emotional roller coaster, and because it was so much fun I get a chance to experience it with Olivia while on the road. Vacation Bonus.

As is usually the case the first couple hours in the car where a bit chaotic. The girls were excited and amped up, but also tired because we woke up while it was still dark. Tired and excited is a precarious situation, you really don’t know what’s coming next. It could be a kiss and it also could be an empty water bottle pitched at the back of your head.

FINALLY. Both girls fell asleep and the rest of the drive was fairly peaceful. I mean, there’s always some complaining from the backseat but I generally just ignore it and they seem to figure themselves out eventually. Like. I’m not pulling over on the side of the road because you willing dumped your apple slices on the floor but now you want them. That right there is a you problem. Not a mom problem.

So hotel check-in with two kids, lots of luggage and no valet is fun. I’m scrubbing it from my memory so moving on.

City Museum
Climbing into places unknown.

The big highlight/sell to the kids today was City Museum. I’ve heard amazing things about this place so my expectations were high. Ugh. Ok. This place is probably amazing for kids 6 and up. It is basically a collection of mystery tunnels from hell if you have two small children who, despite their nonsense, you would like to actually bring home with you.  You can’t see where any of those tunnels go, and sometimes there’s just a random slide, to where?!?! Omg I was literally dripping sweat and swearing under my breath the whole time. I’m not an overly anxious person, but this place was more emotional stress than I could tolerate.

Adorable baby in a ballpit
Abby’s two seconds of happiness
City Museum
Oh look. Abby is being smothered.

This ball pit. I thought since they couldn’t run away, and I could see both of them, this would be fun for all. Oh. Wrong. Giant ball pit of smothering. Abby wanted so badly to be big enough but I mean, those balls were the size of her head. She was a sinking ship and somehow I’m supposed to be diving in there to rescue her. False kid. My knees and basically my whole body are really not cut out for ball pit rescue. Needless to say we did not stay long.


On the way out I somehow managed to get the van stuck while trying to pay/drive through the smallest exit lane ever. It was so bad the lot attendant had to help me get out. So I’m obviously someone to envy. No pics I was too busy trying not to teach my kids new words.

Our hotel is literally right next to the arch, so I thought it would be cool to go check out the old courthouse building where they sell tickets and have a small museum. I was so excited but clearly it wasn’t contagious.

The Arch Saint Louis
So excited to pose for this picture

We ended the day with a little TV and snuggle break, some dinner, and a swim. Also this hotel has a patio with a sweet view right off the pool area, and both girls were unexpectedly into it.



Tomorrow should be a much quieter day, just some driving and hanging out at a cabin. I’m guessing that driving through Kansas isn’t going to blow up Instagram anytime soon, but I think we need a rest day anyway. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s been fun and definitely an adventure.


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