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COSI was awesome, but then I got greedy.

We decided on a whim this morning to head to COSI, and i’m so glad we did! It’s actually quite rare that we have an entire day that Jake isn’t working and we have no where to be and nothing urgent on our to do list (besides grocery shopping, oops).

The last time we went to COSI Abby was too young to really appreciate all it had to offer, so it was fun to watch her discover this place. The science museum has a bunch of amazing exhibits, but the biggest draw for us is the Kid’s Space. This place is epic. I mean, a giant room full of toys and play structures that is completely enclosed and my kids can’t escape? Yasssssss. You actually need a ticket for entrance/exit that has the number of adults and kids in your group, so there is no fear that your kids will inadvertently slip out (or worse). The cost of a family membership is super reasonable considering how much there is to see and do here. The unending supply of playmates is free with admission! J/k. sort of.


A huge feature of the Kid’s Space is the huge water table. They even have one for babies! Throw back photo from when Abby was the cutest baby ever. SOB. SHE IS TOO BIG NOW.

COSI water play

But really the water area is super sweet.

COSI Kids SpaceCOSI Kid's Water TableSo we played for awhile here, and then stopped for a quick packed lunch. Why is it that whenever I pack lunches for us I generally end up with the most embarrassing spread for myself? The kids and Jake got sandwiches and several sides, but we ran out of bread so I just packed myself a granola bar. Really need to step up my game here because hangry is not a good look on me. At lunch today Abby decided to show off her epic evil eye skills for no reason at all. This one disturbs me sometimes…


Lunch demon successfully avoided, we made our way through a couple of exhibits. Ocean is and always will be my absolute favorite exhibit ever. EVER. It’s basically like walking into the Little Mermaid, which is #lifegoals. Yes, I realize I’m 30.


We also attempted to wander through the Life exhibit, which is basically anatomy class. Olivia is the kid who calls a scrape a “soft tissue injury” so it seemed like a good fit. Unfortunately Jake was a bit overwhelmed when she started trying to watch the video of c-section, and we decided to wait till later for that. So NOT ready for that conversation. In all fairness to COSI, there is a disclaimer sign before entering this exhibit so this was just poor parenting on our part.

We eventually made our way back to the Kid’s Space for another hour or so. We lasted a lot longer than I thought we would, but eventually Abby made it clear it was time to go. Small meltdown aside, we had a great time. The kids were well behaved and happy, we all got to play around and have fun, and no one pooped their pants. Really a win.


Bolstered by a sense of false security I made a rookie mistake. I took an overtired toddler to the grocery store right before dinner time. The day went so well, and I was so excited about family time, I decided to cook a lasagna for dinner. I spent the entire trip through the store literally hugging Abby while she sat in the cart, trying to find marinara through her tears.

SPOILER ALERT. Dinner did not go well.

My lasagna was made with good intentions, and a side of marital squabbling. By the time we sat down to eat Abby was over dinner and over us. While my dinner got cold I put Abby to bed and Jake negotiated with Olivia how much of her dinner she had to eat before she could go back outside to play. I mean. I really felt like they appreciated my hard work in the kitchen.

Basically I got greedy and thought that a calm day meant we could dig into a home cooked meal with enthusiasm. Next time I’m ordering a pizza and serving it on paper plates while we watch TV. We might not win parents of year but at least 75% of the family won’t cry at the table!


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