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Just Enough Risk

This weekend we headed to Blendon Woods Metro Park to check out their brand new natural play area. Everyone I know who has been here has absolutely raved about it, and it definitely lived up to the hype. The kids had a blast, and there was almost no whining or crying! Miracles.


I was most excited to check out the zip line. I mean the idea of a zip line in a kids play area makes me break out into a cold sweat, but there you go. Honestly it’s not so high that a fall would be the end of the world, but it does get going pretty fast. The metro parks nailed it here. It’s just risky enough to actually be fun, but not so much that I couldn’t say yes. It’s hard to be the fun parent sometimes.


I mistakenly thought this would be a nice easy stroll through the woods watching the kids play on stumps. HA. It was hilly and muddy, which was fabulous for adventuring but not so great for my iced coffee holding. There are several of these log bridges scattered throughout. If you want to have a laugh go ahead and image me trying to shuffle sideways down this thing while protecting my coffee and camera. Pretty sure those around me were already dialing for an ambulance.

Blendon Woods Metro Park
I stopped breathing. She nailed it.

There are also a ton of climbing logs, a teepee, a see saw made of logs, swings, and climbing nets. This place is seriously epic for kids. And maybe a little bit for grown men. Unfortunately for Jake, Olivia has been very verbal lately about how playgrounds are for children NOT for mommies and daddies. Like. She will chase you off the playground.


Of course the girls spent the most time in the water. They cannot resist a creek. Exploring the water with Jake always means there is an epic amount of stone skipping, of which he has declared himself the master.

Blendon Woods Natural Play Area
Blendon Woods Metro Park
Blendon Woods Metro Park
Blendon Woods Metro Park

I love that this park has struck a balance between safe and exciting. Even though I may be internally freaking out, I’m trying to let the girls test their limits and try new things. Jake is admittedly much more relaxed about risk taking than me (surprise!). I also love that even though they liked freaking out mom, they really liked playing safely in the stream!

Blendon Woods Metro Park
But seriously. How pretty is this little area?

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