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The #yearofadventure #50

We’re halfway through the year of adventure!!!! I seriously cannot believe it. I can’t believe we might actually accomplish this crazy goal. Last fall I started floating around the idea to Jake that we should try to get out and adventure more this year, and he was totally on board. It very quickly became a “if you give a mouse a cookie” situation, and the year of adventure was born. This is what happens when I have too much down time. All those days spent off my knee doing basically¬†nothing made me anxious to get out and do something. Anything. Seriously.

So here we are. Over the last six months the year of adventure has evolved to include any new or unique outdoor adventure. We’ve only repeated two parks, but even those were different hikes or trails within the park. The kids have blown us away with their physical and mental stamina. Our adventures have ranged from amazing to seriously so awful, and I’m pretty sure Jake is the only one who hasn’t cried on the trail. He wears sunglasses though so maybe he just hid it well.

I had big plans for adventure #50 to be some huge amazing over the top adventure. BUT. We had friends over late last night, and had a blast, but we were tired today! And sometimes all these adventures are exhausting. We took a nice easy bike ride uptown to Hannah Mayne Park, which is a small neighborhood park, and then got ice cream with the kids before heading home. IMG_0908

I was shocked that no one else was here, but we enjoyed having the place to ourselves. This park is so peaceful and green. It’s just the sweetest play structure, swings, and picnic tables nestled in among all these trees. It’s right next to uptown and in the middle of a neighborhood but it felt incredibly quiet and serene. The kids played, ate snacks (obviously) and me and Jake lounged in the grass until swing pushing was required.¬†IMG_0927

It was really kind of disgusting perfect, at least until Olivia tried to pee in the woods and peed on herself. Don’t worry though, I carry a fully stocked 40L backpack (Insert crying emoji) on even the smallest outings so we had backup clothes.

Side note – all these Pinterest articles on packing light with kids do not apply to a parent of a potty training toddler whose life goal is eating and a diabetic preschooler. Happy Day.

After playing for a while, we biked over to DQ. Olivia was promised ice cream for going to bed last night during our party, and reminded us several times that she was cashing in. She is such a social butterfly and kept coming downstairs to tell everyone stories and say hi, so I bribed her to stay in her room. Bribery works and I have no regrets, that ice cream was delicious.


Those sunglasses could definitely hide tears.

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