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Keeping perspective, even when we’re tired.

Keeping perspective, even when we’re tired.

The kids were not super interested in hiking today. They were mostly interested in giving us a good workout.

I made it about 20 steps like that before Jake rescued me and put Abby in the carrier. Please note the joy that killing my body gives my children.

We had big plans to try and hit four miles today, but we did not even come close. Some days the kids are just full of energy and running around like crazy, but today was not that day. We made it about a mile when the serious complaining and exhaustion set in. That mile took us 45 minutes and Olivia ate every snack in her pack. Because clearly she was starving from this marathon journey…

The first half mile was awesome, and this park is gorgeous. We found some big rocks to climb on, and a sweet waterfall. That family selfie was the last my beloved selfie stick will ever take. I’ve been limping that dollar spot find along for quite some time but it finally bit the dust. Don’t worry. I have no shame and I WILL be buying another, much to Jake’s embarrassment.


The next segment of our hike is pretty well summed up by these pictures of the children pouting.



Abby really has so many feelings.


I’m glad we made the decision to turn around and cut our losses, but I’m also glad we went. Even though there was a stretch were things were tense and not a lot of fun was being had, I think (I’m hoping) that our kids are still getting something out of these experiences besides an introduction to a few choice words.

As we forged our painfully slow retreat the kids suddenly found real life dinosaur teeth fossils!!! And Abby found a baby dinosaur egg (walnuts). These discoveries were BIG news. Olivia collected about 15 stones and pebbles (dinosaur teeth) and gave us a brief history and named each one. I’m sure the Smithsonian will be calling any moment now. Abby carried her dino egg delicately in her hands and marveled over the “cute” “baby” “egg”.



And so I was reminded why we are doing this in the first place. Our kids don’t care about how many miles we go, they care about the dino eggs and whatever else their imaginations cook up. Olivia got in the car and asked if we could go on another adventure together tomorrow. When we started the #yearofadventure we had no idea if we could even do it. I never expected my four year old would be hiking miles at a time, and that my two year old would fearlessly jump steps and hike alongside her sister like a pro. I’m exhausted and spent from hauling these kids and managing so many tiny tornado emotions, but I’m also glad we are doing this. And because I have more ambition than common sense, I’m going to keep dragging this family into the woods on a hunt for dino teeth.

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