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Blame it on the Odyssey

Blame it on the Odyssey


I’ve long suspected that there is something in the air in my Odyssey that makes the kids instantly starving. As soon as that sweet A/C kicks in some sort of drug over comes their tiny bodies and pushes them to the verge of hysterics a quarter mile from home. It’s like the cologne they push through the air vents at mall stores. MOOOOOOMMMMM WE NEED A SNACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I’M SO THIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s adventure started with crying over water and ended crying over water. It was the stuff parenting dreams are made of. We were only out a couple hours but at least 60% of that was filled with whining about snacks, drinks, or my failure to bring exciting enough toys to the natural play area. Honestly the kids never expect or mention toys on our adventures, but today some other kids at the creek had toys so obviously my failure to bring an identical set was remarked on loudly and persistently.


When the girls weren’t actively complaining they actually did have a good time, and they went to bed easily tonight so I’m going to pretend in my mind it was a grand adventure full of love and praise for their perfect mother.


Shale Hollow Preserve is a sweet little park not too far from us with a great natural play area. It’s got a bridge, a huge span of gentle creek, tables made from trees and probably more features we missed. The whole area is shaded and felt amazing on a hot summer day. The creek exploring here is really the big draw, and I wish we would have been able to say longer. Our exit was abrupt, mom has rules yo. Don’t break them sweet four year old.

The nature center here was really well done. It’s modestly sized, but the girls were entertained for a solid 20 minutes looking at fossils and playing in the “cave” area they had set up. I really want to come back and explore the trails here. There are two trails about a mile long that look really neat and moderately challenging.

FullSizeRender (5)

Olivia is obsessed with competition and winning lately, and Abby is just happy to be included in the game. This bridge was a great site for races, and per the official score keeper, Olivia won every single one. The math is a bit iffy on that.

The way home was pretty much a repeat of the way there. Like. Why on earth would you guys beat each other with the camelback hose. WHY. Must be something in the air.



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  • Hi Megan!
    I loved your post about Shale Hollow and wanted to get in touch with your regarding permission to use a photo or two? Please let me know as soon as possible. Feel free to call if you have questions (740) 524-8600 x 4
    Thank you!
    Mary Van Haaften, Deputy Director
    Preservation Parks of Delaware County

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