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South Bass Island & turning 30

South Bass Island & turning 30


I turned 30 on Friday! And honestly this has been one of my best birthdays in a long while. On my birthday last year I got some pretty bummer news about my knee AND returned home for my birthday dinner to find Abby and the poo-pocalypse that she created in her room. I have pictures but honestly no one needs to see that. She was a mini Picasso and her medium was poop.

This year I stretched out my birthday weekend and had I started the weekend early casually drinking wine with my favorite neighbors until 2 am (whoops). No regrets. Just consequences. Friday morning Olivia woke me up and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, and proceeded to give me a thousand cuddles. I slept maybe 4 hours but those cuddles are bomb.

My actual birthday was mostly just me lounging around with the kids, trying to shake off my choices from the previous night. I tried to “rest my eyes” in the yard while they played in the water table. Regrets. Small children can really transport water when they want to. To your face. For dinner our family came over and ate tacos and drank watermelon margaritas. Find me a better birthday dinner, I dare you.

Saturday morning we got up, dropped off the kids with my parents and headed to South Bass Island. We’ve never been, but I managed to score us a sweet camping reservation last winter when I still thought camping was a good family vacation. We wised up and left the kids behind this time, which ended up being funny because the whole time we were like omg the kids would love this place!

We managed to erect a tent without filing for divorce, probably because we were so wowed by the views from our site. Sometimes campsites are not quite as picture but oh this place did not let us down.

FullSizeRender (4)

Our tent was about 3 feet from the edge, where all those bushes are. Never in a million years would I camp this close to peril with my kids, but for Jake and I it was awesome. The campground is about a mile (ish) to the downtown area of Put-in-Bay so we walked over there for dinner. Saturday night PIB is delightfully unapologetic. Such a crazy little slice of Ohio, trying to be Vegas and Cape Cod all at once. Loved it. We had a blast just wandering from bar to bar, basically our own personal bar crawl.


We sat on the docks and watched the sunset over the water. The sunsets in this place are insane. On Sunday night we drove up to the end of the island and watched another amazing sunset. I was all about that perfect sunset selfie but Jake was kind of over it. Yes. I really chose to marry this man.


Sunday was a super relaxed day, and it was just what we needed. I read three books this weekend, and lounged in my hammock for hours. I love my kids, but it’s nice to get away with Jake and be goofy and carefree. He has been working crazy hours lately and it can feel like some days we barely connect. It’s really important to both of us to carve out time for just being together with no agenda and no stress. Shout out to our parents for giving our kids a home away from home, and for being the only people who read my blog.


The view though. If it wasn’t for the sweet siren song of a real mattress I might live right there forever.

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  • Your description of PIB nailed it. Been there twice in different decades and yes the Vegas/Cape Cod experience seems to last thru the ages.

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