Life and Adventures with Kids

Why are my kids still awake?!?


Both of my kids are still puttering around their rooms, and it’s wayyy past their bedtime. How on earth they are still standing is a mystery because we had a seriously busy (awesome) day. I love when we can combine our #yearofadventure with a playdate for the kids, and catch up with some of my girlfriends all at once. ¬†Having friends who don’t judge you when your kids act crazy is the greatest gift for sure. Also friends who bring coffee. Just saying.

We headed over to the Whetstone Park of Roses on the recommendation of my friend Katie, who is momma to Liv’s future husband. It did not disappoint. I was last there in college, and really only explored the gardens, and missed everything else. This place is huge and has a lot to offer, so I am definitely going back soon. We spend almost 4 hours here and I honestly felt like we only saw a small portion of what Whetstone Park of Roses had to offer.

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We let the kids romp around the playground for a bit while us grown ups got caught up. It’s so nice to just relax and chat with my girlfriends! The playground was large and had a bunch of different zones, as well as being right next to a giant field. Sight lines are great, and it’s at the back of the road so it feels super safe for kids to just be kids.

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Eventually the natives got restless so we headed out on a walk around the pond and into a nature area with grass trails and hidden mud holes. This was such a huge hit with the kids, but if I was by myself I would have for sure gotten lost. That’s just me though, master wayfinder I am not. Yes that is a Moana reference, and yes the minions still demand listening to the soundtrack 7,000 times per hour. ¬†Eventually our wild children gave up on trying to get their shoes out of the mud and just ran around barefoot. There’s not enough baby wipes in the world for the amount of mud to skin ratio that existed by the time we left.

I caught the tiniest frog I’ve ever seen, and it took every ounce of willpower I had to not put in my pocket and bring it home. But then I remembered I have enough living beings demanding food and care, so I put that guy right back and kept on walking.

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The year of adventure is also the year of laundry.




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