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Yellow Springs and lessons learned.

Yellow Springs and lessons learned.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about Yellow Springs, OH and the nearby John Bryan State Park and Glen Helen Nature Preserve. Earlier this year I was thinking that we would spend a weekend camping at the state park and explore everything the area has to offer. Since our latest camping adventures could be labeled epic fails at best, I thought we could just do a day trip instead and save my sanity. HAHAHAHA. The universe was like, OH you think you can do this stress free? Hold my beer.

I have no photos of the epic fail/drive there. Ain’t nobody want to see that. Basically we made several detours including a return to the house for Olivia’s forgotten Mr.Giraffe and Abby made it her mission to both destroy everything she could reach and then get pissed she couldn’t reach anything else. The easy 1 hr drive took close to 2 and I think I listened to “Shiny” from the Moana Soundtrack about 100,000 times – exact count people. Road trips with children are not for the weak of heart sometimes. But you should totally do it anyways I promise!

My well crafted plan was for Abby to nap on the way, grab lunch at the Corner Cone Dairy Bar & Grill and treat the kids to ice cream because #momgoals, followed by a short hike to a waterfall in Glen Helen Nature Preserve, and then make our way home for a rewarding gourmet dinner with the hubs prepared by yours truly. You can laugh now.

Spend a day in Yellow Springs, OH. Visit Young's Jersey Dairy!

We did make it to Corner Cone, but where the heck was that grill? They had hot dogs and hot dogs. Also bags of chips. My kids love hot dogs and generally shun food they don’t recognize so this really was not an issue for them, but after that drive I was really hurting for a good french fry.  I apologize to any other patrons of this fine dining establishment for the Moana soundtrack on loop while we ate. The outdoor eating space was really great, there was some awesome shade under a canopy of vines. I give it 10 stars for ambiance.

Things were going so well after I bought their love with vanilla soft serve, so I got cocky and thought I could stroll down the street for a coffee. MISTAKE. They both whined and cried the whole way because it was “hot” and “so far”. It was .2 miles and this same child has completed several challenging hikes of 3+ miles on her own two feet. Insert eye roll emoji. Why didn’t I pack the stroller?!?!?

As we were walking back to the car a magical site appeared before my very eyes. A playground! I believe it was the local elementary school, and it was glorious. Suddenly my heat exhausted children were bursting with joy and youthful energy. Insert eye roll emoji. But they ended up having a blast, and honestly who can resist that kind of happiness? They’re cute and they know it.

Spend a day in Yellow Springs, OH. Visit Young's Jersey Dairy!

After we got back to the car I realized we probably didn’t have enough time for a hike so I decided to call it a day and head home. On the way out of Yellow Springs I stopped at Young’s Jersey Dairy on a whim. I thought it might be a quick stop but I had no idea how huge that place was!

Our first stop was the kiddie corral, and it was pretty solid. There was a couple slides, a ton of ride on toys, a corn pit type thing, and a bounce house. Obviously this was a huge hit and I bought myself an hour in the shade while they entertained themselves. Worth every penny of the inflated admission price. Here’s an “artsy corn pit” photo for your viewing pleasure. I take myself very seriously, clearly.

Spend a day in Yellow Springs, OH. Visit Young's Jersey Dairy!

We also stopped at the barn, where they had goats and cows. You could feed and pet the goats and look at the cows in the pasture or barn. There were several baby goats, which Abby declared “aww cute baby lamb” and “silly goat”. Spend a day in Yellow Springs, OH. Visit Young's Jersey Dairy!

Eventually we wandered back toward our car, but couldn’t resist the lure of trying out the famous cheese curds and ice cream. Yes. Ice cream twice in one day. MISTAKE. The cheese curds were questionable at best, but the ice cream was delicious. I paid for it later in the form of sugared up kids who refused both bedtime and dinner though.

My biggest MISTAKE of the day was leaving so close to dinner time. Both girls fell asleep in the car, which is basically a body blow to bedtimes. Bedtime took over 2 hours and involved threats, children stripping off their clothes, many tears (mine and theirs), a margarita, and a hallway camp out that lasted long enough for both of my butt checks to fall asleep. Happy adventuring to all!


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